Fusion 360 by AutoDesk - Tutorials

Fusion 360 is the flagship design program used in the MIX Lab as well as all innovation courses.

Fusion 360 Tutorials

The MIX Lab has developed a series of Fusion 360 screencast tutorials. You are encouraged to familiarize yourself with these techniques and methods of design in 360:

  1. An introduction to Fusion 360: This is an overview of the software and how to navigate the interface. start here if you are new to fusion 360.
  2. Makingan object: How to make and manipulate a simple object. An introduction to making, transforming and navigating around an object while learning the ethos of fusion 360.
  3. Adding and subtracting: Making an object involves adding and subtracting forms. This screencast builds upon #2.
  4. Modify an object: After a basic form is made smaller modifications help finalize the shape. Learn some simple modifying techniques.
  5. Saving and sending an object to print: An introduction to saving files and exporting files to begin the printing process.

To persevere cohesion across the MIX Lab ecosystem the Fusion 360 tutorials are identical to the way we teach Fusion 360 in the Innovation and 3D Printing classes.

This is to ensure all student techs teach Fusion 360 the same manner and all students receive the same model of education on the platform.

Please review these tutorials for:

Familiarity - You want to be fluid in teaching Fusion 360 in the same manner as the screencasts. The goal is for the MIX Lab to teach design and “speak” one language.

The screencasts can be found on the Get Started Designing And 3D-Printing Webpage

Do you want to go deeper on Fusion 360? These tutorials by Autodesk will provide deeper insight and learning in what the software can do, available here.