MakerBot 2X 3D Printer

The MakerBot 2X is an experimental machine. The Mix Lab has have 4 units.

What makes the 2X a special machine is that [a] it prints in ABS plastic, which is not great for poorly ventilated spaces like ours and [b] it is a dual extruder model. This means you can print in two colors or 1 of the filaments can be a dissolving filament or a more adventurous filament.

The 2X is used in medical applications to print cells of various types. Here is an example:

Using 3D Printing, MakerBot and Feinstein Institute for Medical Research Create Cartilage to Repair Tracheal Damage

At various times we have had students take “ownership” of the 2X for special projects they have interest in. If you are interested in exploring and using the 2X, by all means, please go after it. To make this happen we ask two things:

  1. Let us know
  2. Document all that you do in text and video so it can be shared here with future students and community members.