My print didn't print well

I sent a print to the printer. However, the side is missing - see the image below.

Does anyone have any thoughts as to why this would have happened and how to fix it?

I don’t have the.stl file I forgot to save this :thinking:

My first thought is that you used a cloud based printing software such as 3dprinteros – you need to be careful that none of the print is below the level of the virtual print bed – whatever is below (or outside) the print bed/area will not be printed – giving your print the look of being cut. This is easy to solve by remembering to click “on bed” and “center” after scaling and orienting your print. Good Luck!

In looking at this picture, I wonder if the correct orientation was chosen… A good rule of thumb to follow when 3D printing: Always make sure to have the most amount of flat surface laying flat on the bed. This allows the majority of the print surface to stay attached to the bed, raft, or brim. This helps prevent missing pieces, shifting, and a whole slew of other failed print issues. Good luck with the next iteration!

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Great tips @Joshua - thank you.

Here is a post on warped prints and hairspray: Warped or Non-Flat Prints