Repairing Jammed MakerBot Extruders

MakerBot extruders jam frequently. But many can be saved with a little effort.

When repairing extruders you’ll need the following tools:

  1. Hand-Held Torch
  2. Pipe Cleaner
  3. Pliers
  4. Allen Key (2mm)
  5. Small Empty Tray or Cup

NOTE: before you start make sure the extruder does not have any broken information connectors (pins) as the extruder is unrepairable if any are broken. See this image as a reference:

Steps to Repair Jammed Extruders:

  1. The first step of repairing the extruder is to remove to four black screws on the back of the extruders with the 2mm Allen Key. Be sure to place the four small screws on your tray so they are not lost.
  2. Secondly remove the black cap from the top of the extruder. You can now open the extruder body by separating the extruder halves.

Most of the time extruders are jammed because filament has been caught into the inner tube. It is our job the remove the excess filament stuck in the inner tube.

  1. You will want to take out the lower silver piece connected by a set of colorful wires from the extruder black body. You will not disconnect these wires, you will just pull out the lower silver piece from the black body. You will see that there are two small tubes inserted the.

  2. You will now take your pipe cleaner and insert it through the top inner tube to clean out any small filament that may be clogged. Do the same for the small white tube.

  3. If filament is sticking out the lower white tube you will need to heat up the nozzle to remove it by turning on the hand-held torch and hold the flame over the nozzle for about 20-30 seconds. Now the filament should be heated enough to be removed from the tube.

  4. You have now successfully repaired the extruder. You can now put the extruder back together.

  5. Before putting the extruder in the repaired box you should attached it on a machine then load and unload filament through it to make sure it is operable.

Fantastic all done!