Welcome to MIX Lab's Community πŸš€

The MIX Lab community is a digital extension of our physical lab.

Where students, faculty, local entrepreneurs, startups, educators and innovators can come together to help one another learn, troubleshoot and share knowledge around 3D Printing and Innovation.

Please ask questions, engage and help others. Impart your wisdom and experiences to propel the group as a whole… in a kind and respectful way.:rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket:

Who is it for?

  • Anyone that needs assistance creating or sending prints to the MIX Lab
  • Anyone who interacts works with, in, or alongside the MIX Lab to create and make
  • Anyone who has attended a workshop or event with the MIX Lab
  • Local educators, entrepreneurs, makers, and innovators in the greater MIX Lab community

What can you find here?

Why should you come here?

  • To solve 3D Print and Design problems, both hardware and software
  • Come here to learn
  • Come to help! We do not have all the answers. The power of the MIX Lab community will propel and elevate our collective knowledge and journey. We are all in this together!

Introduce Yourself