Which printer do I select?


I am trying to prepare a print to send to the 3DPrinter OS - but I am not sure which printer to prepare my file for.

Can anyone tell me which printer to select?


The printer that you should select depends on the size of your object. In our lab we have Makerbot 5th Replicator, Makerbot 5th Replicator +, and Makerbot 5th Replicator Z18. I would suggest you to select Makerbot 5th Replicator because that’s the printer we have most of and your print could be printed faster.

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Good question – the os will list all the printers that they work with BUT you will only use one or two of these (the ones that you own). So, first check the name(s) of the printers that you own/are using. Then simply select these from the list. Now you should be able to prepare your prints properly.

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@iain @Altarik thnk you both… I will select the MakerBot 5th Gen as I would like my print as soon as possible.

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