Epilog File Manager

Epilog File Manager is the software to prepare a file to be laser cut is the Epilog File Manager*

  • The black windows laptop on top of the Bafeo filter is dedicated to run the print files on both laser cutters
  • Helix 30 and Helix 50 are the laser cutter names, respectively.
  • The Epilog Print Manager should be available as an option to “print to” from a pdf. However, we are receiving errors printing in this way.
    • As such, PDF files need to be imported by the Epilog File Manager

Prepare Files for the Epilog Laser Cutters

There are two ways to prepare a file for the Epilog Print Manager:

  1. Export a CAD file from Fusion 360 to Slicer
  2. Export an RGB file from Adobe Illustrator
  3. Files must be prepared as RGB files
  4. The artboard in Illustrator must be the size of the material being cut (height x width)
  5. The orientation of the dartboard must mimic that of the material being cut
  6. This will almost always be landscape.

This topic needs to be completed with screenshots…