How do I design a mug?


I am trying to design a mug but am not sure where to start.

Should I use the line tool or the object tools for a rectangle and circle?

Any help would be appreciated!

what kind of mug? do you have any reference images?

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A coffee mug could be made easily in fusion by making a cylinder, then using the shell tool. the handle can be drawn as a sketch and then extruded (use the symmetry function in the extrude menu – otherwise it will come out lopsided). I think you should be able to do it in 4 steps (cylinder, shell, sketch, extrude). good luck!

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I was thinking a coffee mug @Altarik

These directions are very helpful, @iain- thank you!

If you’re feeling like making some funky shapes with your mugs, the loft tool really helps you create different sizes for your base and opening. You can use any closed shape to loft with, so long as the shapes aren’t too complex. (too many lines or vertices) Be sure to post some pictures!

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@Joshua do you recommend the loft tool for any other application?

@Jason Certainly! The Loft tool can be used to make anything from a bottle to a box. You can use lofting to help make sealed objects that have different dimensions on either end. I used the loft tool once to create a unique geometric lamp.

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