How to Search for Missing Prints in 3DPos

A missing print may come in many forms and how you go about finding it will require a few different strategies:

Is it lost in the queue?

You can search for a print lost in the queue with the command F function. Search by file name or netID to try and locate it. It may be hard to see among a sea of files and print requests.

If it is not in the queue, then it was printed successfully and lost in the lab.

Search the database:

Searching the database will provide a history of all prints sent through 3DPos. You can search by NetID. To access database search goto: Dashboard > My Organization History > In the bottom enter the NetID in “Printed by” and at the top change the “Filter / Recent Activity” to the appropriate range. Once you see the print you are looking for, click on it to be taken to it and resend as needed.

This animated Gif will demonstrate the process: