NaN:NaN under Print time in 3dprinterOS

Hi everyone, I am constantly getting “NaN:NaN” under the print time column in the 3dprinterOS MakerBot Replicator+ queue. I am using Fusion 360 for the design, MakerBot Print for 3d print setup and when I upload the file and select the correct printer which is usually the Replicator+. I then send the file to the queue where I get the “NaN:NaN” instead of an estimated print time. I have had many prints aborted due to this showing up in the queue. I have been told by one of the techs that this is an indication of an error in the file. I would be very appreciative if someone could please identify what this error is and why it is happening. I have searched the internet but to no avail. Thank you for any and all help, Gary L.

@Gary I’ve bot heard of this. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

@Joshua @rudderowe1 any thoughts in this?

It means that the file wasn’t sliced correctly. I don’t know why, but I’ve noticed that - especially with Makerbot Print- this happens somewhat frequently. My guess is that there’s a setting or two that needs to be changed before you can send it, but I’m not sure what setting(s) that they would be.

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@Gary in light of @rudderowe1 excellent response- perhaps we can review your print settings in the lab to troubleshoot?

The "NaN issue in the 3DPos has been confirmed to be a version issue with MakerBot Print.

Currently, MakerBot Print v4.3 or older should be used. Do not upgrade to MakerBot Print v4.4 at this time… If you do or have, try to revery to an older build to avoid this issue.

The NaN issue is not limited to v4.3 > 4.4. As @rudderowe1 has pointed out, we have seen this before. MakerBot Print tends to be break, than resolve as newer iterations of the software evolve.

Best Practice: Do no upgrade early. Wait for stability in software upgrades.

Special thanks to @Gary for assisting in identifying the bug causing the error.