R3A2 & R4A1 > Jammed Extruder

Both R3A2 and R4A1 have jammed extruders. When I came into my hours this is what they looked like:

I double checked that this wasn’t caused by a belt clip issue. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to fix the jammed extruders as I had somewhere to be.

For the R4A1 extruder, checked the inside and the board is intact. It seems the filament through time burst with it covering the surrounding area of the tip. I was able to take off major chunks of the filament, but unable to get rid of the rest nor test if it’s working properly as my shift ended. Resized_20191005_135945 Resized_20191005_135937

This is the result of the hatch box filament not being secured on the roll holder… getting pulled off and clogging the extruder.

Please be sure to check filament rolls are secured.