Teach the Teachers 2019 - Introductions

It was so lovely to meet everyone. I didn’t catch everyone’s names and schools so I would like for everyone to reintroduce themselves.

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Monique Dituri
Clifton High School - Robotics, Engineering, & Chemistry
Starting my 15th year of Teaching
Montclair High and now Clifton High
FIRST Robotics Coach: FRC3314
Montclair Society of Engineers
DonorsChoose.org Teacher Ambassador
WIPRO Science Fellow

Areas of expertise: FIRST Robotics Teams (all grade levels), Crowdsource Fundraising

@Monique was so wonderful to have you… you added depth to the workshop.

This is a great idea - to make sure all those that attended the Teach the Teachers Advanced Manufacturing Workshop can stay connected!

I hope everyone will follow suit…

Hello everybody!

Tim Steen
Eastern Christian High School - Technology classes, Writing classes
Starting 19th year of Teaching!
(17th year at EC and 2 years in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania)
FIRST Robotics Coach: FTC11329 & 15231

Areas of Expertise: Coding, Digital Badges, Journalism, & Getting in over my head (saying yes to crazy things).

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Dynamite @timsteen! Welcome aboard!

So sorry, just reading this now. :relaxed:

It was great to interact with everyone at the workshop and hear everyone’s ideas for implementing 3d printing in their classes.

I’m Julie,
Also from Clifton HS. I’m starting my 14th year of teaching. I teach Crafts, Ceramics and Stagecraft. Prior to teaching I had a career as a Scenic Artist painting sets for movies,tv and Broadway and I continue to do that in the summer months.

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Tanzania? Wow! What did you teach while you were there?

Welcome, Julie! Hope you enjoyed your summer!

Hi Julie!

I taught at an international school in Tanzania for 2 years. It is called Haven of Peace academy (or Hopac). They follow a Cambridge-based curriculum so it mirrors a lot of the English system. I taught high school courses in IT, including coding and office-based applications. I also taught a class a week for the K-8th grade which was fun but certainly not my specialty. If you wonder if it’s a challenge teaching tech classes in an area without reliable power, with slow internet and expensive equipment… Yes. I can’t even imagine what 3D printing would look like there but I bet it would mean lots of extruder cleaning, my new favorite hobby!